NetScaler 11 Insight Center Firmware Upgrade

NetScaler 11 Insight Center Firmware Upgrade

Upgrading NetScaler Insight Center

To upgrade NetScaler Insight Center to a new build, you must first download the application build file.

Upgrading to a new build is a simple procedure.
Note: Citrix recommends not to downgrade NetScaler Insight Center.


Netscaler Insight Center Download

Download Netscaler Insight Center

Yes I accept Citrix License Agreement

DL AgreementLogin to Netscaler Insight Center.

Citrix Netscaler Insight Center Login

Click on Configuration tab, navigate to NetScaler Insight Center > Software Images.
Click Upload and Browse to the folder that contains the build file. Click Upload.
Upload Netscaler Insight Center Firmware Upload

On the Configuration tab, navigate to System and click Upgrade Netscaler Insight Center

Run Upgrade
In the Upgrade Netscaler Insight Center dialog box, in Software Images, select the file of the build to which you want to upgrade.

Select Netscaler Insight Firmware ApplianceSelect the Firmware and Click Open.

Locate Netscaler Insight Firmware

Select Netscaler Insight Firmware
Click OK.

Wait for the process to finish updating and rebooting.

Login when the update is complete and verify the firmware version.

Netscaler Insight Center Firmware version 11

Citrix Insight Center eDocs

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