Netscaler Insight Center Configure Geo Data Collection

Netscaler Insight Center Configure Geo Data Collection

Configuring Netscaler Insight Center Geo Data and Viewing Location Information

Open a Internet Browser and type in the IP address of your Netscaler Insight Center.

Type in the username and password and click Login.

Citrix Netscaler Insight Center LoginClick Configuration and expand Netscaler Insight Center. Select Geo Database Files.

Select the Action button and click Upload.

Netscaler Insight Center Upload Geo

Navigate to the location of your Geo Database File Download and click Open.Geo Upload 1After the upload is complete, go to configuration and Click the check box to Enable Geo Data collection for web and HDX Insight.

Enable Geo Collection

The maps should start to populate shortly after enabling Geo Data Collection.

Download the Geo Data here-

To view the maps, go to the Dashboard tab then click on HDX Insight or select Users and scroll down to the maps section.

Maps_Netscaler InsightClick on the country to zoom in further on the states and cities. You can also change the view from By ICA RTT to WAN Latency, DC Latency, Bandwidth, or Total Bytes.

Netscaler Insight Center Traffic Locations

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2 thoughts on “Netscaler Insight Center Configure Geo Data Collection

  1. Senthilkumar

    I have installed latest Netscaler Insight Center.

    I need to configured GeoData Collection, So where i can find my geodata file and why we need geodata collection??