Import and Analyze Applications with Citrix AppDNA

Import and Analyze Applications with Citrix AppDNA


Open AppDNA.

AppDNA Application

Type your username, password, select the Site and click Integrated login if your using AD integrated.

The default administrator account if you haven’t configured AD Integration:

  • Username: administrator
  • Password: apps3cur3

Integrated LoginClick on the Import & Analyze Node

Import and Analyzer Step 1

Browse for the MSI that you want to Analyze.

Select MSI File AppDNA Analyze and Import Step 2

Click on Import & Analyze to start the process.

Import and Analyse Step 3

Wait for the Import process to finish.


After the import is successful, AppDNA will automatically start to Analyze the application against the different Operating systems. Wait for the AppDNA Application analysis to finish.

APPDNA Application Analyze 1

Select which report you would like to view first. Click finish.

Finished Analyze

To view Applications issues select the tab at the top.

Win 10 Compat

Scroll down to view all the details.

Report 1

View Application Issues Summary.

AppDNA Application Issues

Application Actions Required to make this application compatible with Windows 10 are listed here.

AppDNA Application Actions

View Issues Summary.

AppDNA Issue View

Actions View Summary.

AppDNA Action View


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