Citrix AppDNA 7.8 Upgrade SQL Error Login Failed

Citrix AppDNA 7.8 Upgrade SQL Error Login Failed

During the upgrade of our Citrix AppDNA 7.6 Server to 7.8 I ran into the following error.

SQL Error: Login failed for user “domain\HostName$

AppDNA Update fail

Here’s how to fix this error if you come across this in your environment.

Login to your SQL Server and open SQL Management Studio.

Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Username and PW

Expand the Server node at the top then navigate to Security and right click on Logins. Select New Login.

SQL Server Security New Login

In the Login Name field type in your domain\HostName$. Change the Default Database to your AppDNA Database.

Default Database

Click on Server Roles. Select Bulkadmin and public.

Server Role

Select User Mapping. Then select your AppDNA database from the “Users mapped to this login”.

Grant DB_owner permissions and click OK when finished.

User Permissions DBO

Expand your AppDNA Database and go to Security Users. Verify that the new account is added.

Confirm Security Users on Database

After you have verified permissions are corrected, go back to your Citrix AppDNA server.

Open the applicationĀ  Configuring AppDNA.

Configure AppDNA Application

Choose “Upgrade Installation” then click Next.

Citrix AppDNA 7.8 Upgrade Installation Selection Rerun

Select your Citrix AppDNA Database and click Next.

Citrix AppDNA 7.8 Upgrade Choose Database and Backup

Select Yes or No and click Next.

Citrix AppDNA 7.8 Upgrade CEIP Selection

Wait for the Upgrade to complete.

Citrix AppDNA 7.8 Upgrade Inprogress

Click Close when completed successfully. Then verify you can login to Citrix AppDNA.

Citrix AppDNA 7.8 Upgrade Rerun Successfull

I made the mistake of not doing this right away. When I was sealing a Citrix XenDesktop 7.8 AppDisk the process of Importing and Analyzing with AppDNA hung for 2 hours before I had to stop and remove the AppDisk task.

If you run into an issue where the AppDisk Task has been running for an extremely long time you can stop the task by using PowerShell commands.

How to Stop and Remove Citrix AppDisk Task can be found here.



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One thought on “Citrix AppDNA 7.8 Upgrade SQL Error Login Failed

  1. Tracy Carlson

    Thank you so much, had this exact problem and the solution resolved the issue of the upgrade error.