Netscaler Failure when AppFlow is Enabled

Netscaler Failure when AppFlow is Enabled

Recently we finally got around to upgrading our Netscalers to the latest firmware version 11 64.34 after running into a different Netscaler bug.

Netscaler 11 64.34nc

The latest firmware 64.34 was supposed to fix our issues with AppFlow, but after enabling Netscaler AppFlow and Netscaler Insight Center we had 2 failures within 24 hours. So far we haven’t been able to keep Netscaler Insight and AppFlow enabled for longer than a couple days without causing issues for our users.

I uploaded the core dumps from both Netscalers, tech support files along with notes and time stamps from the nslog files to  The case was eventually sent to dev analysis/offline support and Citrix Support informed us that there was a known bug.

There’s an issue where Insight Center can cause the media classification mode to be turned on when Netscaler AppFlow is enabled. BUG0618934 has been filed and the fix has been included in the upcoming 11.0-65.x release.

The only known work-around for these issues is to disable Netscaler Appflow for now.

If you still haven’t upgraded your Netscalers to release 11, it was recommended to stay on Netscaler release 10.5 firmware build 61.11 if you want to use Netscaler Appflow and Insight together without issues.

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