The connection to “virtual_desktop” failed with status (1110)

Connection Failed with status (1110)-

Some users reported that they were having issues when trying to connect to their XenDesktop 7.6  virtual machine through Netscaler Gateway. They received the following error “The connection to “virtual_desktop” failed with status (1110)”.

First step was to verify the STAs were correct on the StoreFront servers and Netscaler.

Open up the StoreFront Console and click on Netscaler Gateway.

StoreFront Netscaler Gateway

Click on Secure Ticket Authority from the Actions Pane. Verify the STA’s are correct.

STAs_2If you made any changes and there are more than 1 StoreFront Server in your StoreFront Group, you should propagate the changes to the other StoreFront Server.

Propagate Changes StoreFront 3Next I verified the Netscaler Gateway STA’s matched the STA’s that I had configured in StoreFront.

Netscaler STAsNetscaler_BindSTAs

Next step was to try and reproduce the issue from a couple different workstations. I was only able to reproduce the issue on a couple Windows 7 and Windows 8 workstations connecting through Netscaler Gateway and not directly through Storefront.

I resolved the 1110 error by downloading and updating Root Certs on all the workstations that were getting 1110 errors.

Hopefully this helps anyone that is still getting these errors.

The connection to “virtual_desktop” failed with status (1110)

“Unable to access XenApp/XenDesktop with internet error: “The connection to “virtual_desktop” failed with status (1110)”.

To resolve this, change self-signed Root CA certificate common name from wildcard to regular one. The applications/desktop can be launched.”


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