Citrix XenDesktop Machine Catalog Limits

Adding more than 999 virtual machines to a Random Pooled/PVS Machine Catalog in XenDesktop 7.6 gave us the error below. To correct this issue install Hotfix Update 3 – For Delivery Controller 7.6.

Machine Catalog Info:

Windows Desktop OS

Allocation Type: Pooled

Provisioning Method: PVS

User Data: Discard


Here’s the error I got when trying to add more than 999 virtual machines to a machine catalog.


Get-BrokerMachine : Syntax of filtering clause is incorrect, or does not support use of one or more of the specified parameters
+ CategoryInfo : InvalidArgument: ([Get-BrokerMachine], SdkOperationException
+ FullyQualifiedErrorId : Citrix.XDPowerShell.Broker.AdvancedFilteringError,Citrix.Broker.Admin.SDK.GetBrokerMachineCommand

Error Id: XDDS:9E622970

Citrix.Console.Models.Exceptions.ScriptException The syntax of the filtering clause is incorrect or does not support the use of one or more of the specified parameters.
at Citrix.Console.PowerShellInteraction.CmdletExecutionMethods.CreateException[T](ICommonLog logger, ExecutionResults`1 results, ICmdletExecutionHost host)
at Citrix.Console.PowerShellInteraction.CmdletExecutionMethods.Execute[T](ISdkCmdlet`1 sdkCmd, ICmdletExecutionHost host, Boolean allowFailover)
at Citrix.Console.PowerShellSdk.SearchExecutionMethods.Execute[T,TCmd](TCmd sdkCmd, ICmdletExecutionHost host, SearchRequestModel searchRequest, SearchModelProcessor searchModelProcessor, Boolean allowFailover)
at Citrix.Console.PowerShellSdk.DesktopService.Scripts.GetMachinesBaseScript`1.RunScript()
at Citrix.Console.PowerShellInteraction.PowerShellScript`1.Run()
at Citrix.Console.PowerShellSdk.ProvisioningSchemeService.Scripts.AddPvsMachinesScript.RemoveAlreadyPresentMachines(IList`1 devices)
at Citrix.Console.PowerShellSdk.ProvisioningSchemeService.Scripts.AddPvsMachinesScript.RunScript()
at Citrix.Console.PowerShellInteraction.PowerShellScript`1.Run()
at Citrix.Console.ProvisioningSchemes.UI.Dialogs.AddMachinesWizardViewModel.Commit(IProgressReporter progressReporter)

DesktopStudio_ErrorId : AdvancedFilteringError
Message : Query too complex
Sdk Error Message : Syntax of filtering clause is incorrect, or does not support use of one or more of the specified parameters
Sdk Error ID : Citrix.XDPowerShell.Broker.AdvancedFilteringError,Citrix.Broker.Admin.SDK.GetBrokerMachineCommand
ErrorCategory : NotSpecified
DesktopStudio_PowerShellHistory : Get Machines
Fix is to Install Hotfixes Update 3 – For Delivery Controller 7.6

Attempts to add more than 999 virtual machines (VMs) to a single catalog might fail.

[From BrokerSrvc760WX64003][#LC2873]


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