Stop and Remove a Citrix AppDisk Task

Stop and Remove a Citrix AppDisk Task

If you need to stop the creation of an AppDisk that has stalled or appears hung up you can run theĀ  PowerShell commands to stop and remove the task.

I ran into an issue where the AppDisk test I was creating for Adobe Acrobat XI hung for several hours. I figured that it would eventually timeout after an hour or so and then I could just delete it and start over. I’m not sure if there is a timeout period or not, but after 5+ hours I had to use powershell to stop and remove the AppDisk task.

Stalled AppDisk Tasks

Load the Citrix PowerShell modules.

ASNP Citrix*

PS ASNP Citrix Powershell

get-applibtask -active $true

This command finds all active tasks. I had 2 different AppDisk tasks running. One of my AppDisks task was working correctly, but the last task had been running for several hours.

Get-AppLibTask -Active $true AppDisk PowerShell Commands

Stop-AppLibTask -TaskId

Citrix AppDisks Stop-applibtask -taskid success

AppDisk Task Stopped

remove-AppLibTask -TaskId

Remove-AppLibTask -Task ID Successful Powershell command AppDisks

remove-AppLibAppDisk -AppDiskUid

Remove AppLibAppDisk -AppDiskUid Powershell Citrix XenDesktop AppDisk

After running the last PowerShell command. You should see the AppDisk is removed from the console.

Citrix XD 7.8 Removed AppDisk

Additional Information-

UnSticking an AppDisk provisioning task in XenDesktop 7.x preview

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