PVS 7.8

PVS 7.8

Citrix PVS 7.8 Server Upgrade

Before starting your PVS Server 7.8 or any version upgrade there are a couple things you should do that will allow you to perform the upgrade without impacting your users or streaming virtual machines.

Target devices that are not using a vDisk that is in HA mode will not be diverted to a different server. If a vDisk is misconfigured to have HA enabled, but they are not using a valid HA configuration (Provisioning Servers and Store , target devices that use that vDisk can lock up.) To avoid having your virtual machines lock up follow the steps below.

First check your Stores and verify all PVS servers are selected to be able to provide your stores.

Store Properties PVS HA

Next you will want to check vDisk Load Balancing to make sure your vDisks aren’t pinned to one server.

vDisk Load Balancing CheckCheck the replication status of your vDisks after confirming that you are load balancing the vDisk.

PVS vDisk Replication Status CheckI prefer to rebalance manually, but you can choose what works best for your environment. Some organizations also adjust the power ratings.

PVS Power Rating Change

Now that you have confirmed your vDisks are replicated, go to Servers > right click on the PVS Server and choose Rebalance Devices.

Rebalance Devices Citrix PVS

Rebalance the target devices while you upgrade one PVS server at a time. If you choose not to rebalance the target devices they should automatically reconnect to the other PVS server when PVS Configuration Wizard stops and restarts the Stream Service.

Rebalance to Selected server

Download Citrix Provisioning Server 7.8 Software ISO.


After the download completes, right click on the ISO and select Mount ISO. Open Autorun.exe

PVS 7.8 ISO Mount

Select Server Installation.

Start PVS Server InstallClick Install to start installing the prerequisites.

PVS Server InstallWelcome to screen. Click Next.

PVS 7.8 WelcomeSelect “I accept the terms in the license agreement.”

PVS 7.8 License AgreementType a User Name and Organization then select “Anyone who uses this computer (All Users).

PVS 7.8 Customer InformationLeave the default installation folder or change if need to.

PVS 7.8 Destination FolderReady to Install. Click Install to start.

PVS 7.8 Ready to Install the ProgramWait for the installation to finish.

PVS 7.8 Install Progress

Click Finish when completed successfully.

PVS 7.8 Install completed

After you click Finish, the Provisioning Services Configuration Wizard should automatically open.

Citrix Provisioning Services Configuration Wizard

Verify that you have backed up the Provisioning Server database before proceeding.

PVS 7.8 Welcome to the Configuration Wizard

DHCP Services-

Select the option that fits your DHCP configuration in your environment.

DHCP Services PVS 7.8 CTXPXE Services-

Choose the option for how your environment is configured.

PVS PXE SVC Citrix 7.8Farm Configuration-

During an upgrade you will select Farm is already configured.

PVS Database migrations or moving the PVS Server to a different farm with another database you select Join existing farm.

Create Farm is for new PVS deployments.

PVS 7.8 Farm IS already ConfiguredCitrix License Server-

Type in the license server name. You should make sure you are running the latest license server software version available.

Citrix PVS License ServerUser Account for Stream and Soap Services-

Type in the service account, domain and passwords for the existing service account you use.

Citrix PVS 7.8 Service AccountDatabase Server-

Type in your SQL Server name, if you have any other specifics like Instance name, ports or mirror failover add those details and click Next to continue.

PVS Database Server and Instance NameExisting Farm-

Choose your existing Farm Name from the drop down.

ProvisioningServices 7.8 Farm Name 1PVS Site-

Select your Existing Site and choose the Site Name.

Provisioning Services 7.8 SitePVS Stores-

Select the existing Default Store from the drop down.

Citrix Provisioning Services Vdisk LocationActive Director Computer Account Passwords-

Leave the check box selected for “Automate computer account password updates” and default of 7 days between password updates.

Citrix PVS 7.8 Computer Password Change DaysNetwork Communication Settings-

Choose your Streaming Network and Management Network.

Verify Communication and Console Ports.

Citrix PVS 7.8 Stream and Management NICTFTP Option and Bootstrap Location-

Use the default option to use the Provisioning Services TFTP Service.

Citrix PVS 7.8 TFTP SelectionVerify the configuration settings and “Automatically Start Services” Click Finish to start the configuration.

Citrix PVS 7.8 Configuration Settings SummaryWhen prompted with the No/Yes for the database upgrade popup, click YES if you have performed a backup.

PVS Warn DB Upgrade

Wait for the configuration settings to finish and services to start. Click Done when completed successfully.

Citrix PVS 7.8 Configuration Finished

When you install the PVS 7.8 Server Software and run the configuration wizard on your other servers, the database upgrade is ignored because the database was upgraded when the first server was upgraded.

If the services fail to restart during the configuration wizard, its most likely because you have the wrong password for your Soap and Stream service account.

Verify the password is correct and either run the configuration wizard again or go to Services.msc and change the password on the Citrix PVS Soap Server and Citrix PVS Stream Service.

Double click on the Stream service and go to the Log On tab. Change the password and click OK. Then start the service.

PVS Stream Change PW

Double click on the Soap service and go to the Log On tab. Change the password and click OK. Then start the service.

PVS Soap Change PW

Installing Citrix PVS 7.8 Console

Select Console Installation.

PVS 7.8 Install Options Console Server TargetClick Install to start installing Citrix PVS Console requirements.

PVS 7.8 Console PreReqsClick Next to continue.

PVS 7.8 Console Welcome 1Select “I accept the terms in the license agreement”.

PVS 7.8 Console License Ag 1Specify a username, organization name and choose Anyone or Only for me.

PVS 7.8 Console Cust InfoVerify the destination folder or change if needed.

PVS 7.8 Dest Folder 1Click Install when ready.

PVS 7.8 Ready Install 1 Click Finish when completed successfully.

PVS 7.8 Config Welcome

Launch your Citrix Provisioning Services Console and Connect to your Farm. Verify PVS target devices are booting and streaming correctly before proceeding to upgrade your other PVS Servers.


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