Citrix PVS Database Migration

Citrix PVS Database Migration

How to Migrate a Citrix PVS Database to a New SQL Server.

Before proceeding with migrating your PVS Database to a new SQL Server make sure everyone is aware and they are not making changes until the all PVS Servers have been reconfigured to connect to the new database server.

Login to your current SQL Server and launch SQL Server Management Studio.

Then navigate to your Provisioning Services database. Right click on the database, select Tasks then click on Backup..

SQL Server PVS Database Backup1Back Up Database:

Backup Type Full. Change the Destination to Disk, then Click Add..

SQL Backup Database PVS 2Select Backup Destination:

Click on the browse button.

Select Backup DestinationLocate Database Files:

Type a file name for the backup and click OK.

Back Up Database:

Click OK to start the backup.

SQL Backup Database Provisioning Services Destination Location

Click OK.

PVS Backup Successfull

PVS Backup DB File

Restoring a Citrix Provisioning Server (PVS) Database.

Now go to your new SQL Server and login to the SQL Server Management Studio.

Right click on Databases and select Restore Database…

PVS SQL Database Restore DB OptionRestore Database:

Select Backup Device

PVS DB Move Restore From DeviceSelect Backup Devices:

Select Add.

Select Backup Devices SQL PVS DB Move1Locate Backup File:

Navigate to the directory where your PVS Backup file is located. Click OK.

Click OK.

PVS DB Move Location

Verify the information is correct and click OK when ready to start the restore process.

Click OK when the restore has complete successfully.


Reconfigure Citrix Provisioning Services (PVS) Servers.

Citrix Recommends that you shut down all Target Devices before running the configuration wizard to change your SQL Server connection. Easiest way was to put the all our delivery groups for XenApp and XenDesktop machines into maintenance mode and shut down all powered on virtual machines. Every environment is different so you decide what works best.

Login to your PVS server and run Provisioning Services Configuration Wizard.

PVS Configuration Wizard

Provisioning Services Configuration Wizard:

Welcome to the Configuration Wizard.

Provisioning Services Configuration Wizard WelcomeDHCP Services:

Choose an option for your environment. We have DHCP running on other servers, so I selected “The service that runs on another computer”.

Provisioning Services Configuration Wizard DHCP ServicesPXE Services-

We run Provisioning Services PXE on the Provisioning Servers. Select “The Service that runs on this computer”, if your configuration is the same. If not, select “The service that runs on another computer”.

Provisioning Services Configuration Wizard PXE ServicesFarm Configuration:

Select Join Existing Farm.

PVS Join Existing FarmDatabase Server:

Enter in your SQL server name.

PVS Database Server and Instance NameExisting Farm:

Select the correct farm from the drop down menu.

ProvisioningServices Farm Name 1Site:

Select Existing Site, and Site Name.

Provisioning Services 7.8 SiteStore:

Select an existing store name.

Citrix Provisioning Services Vdisk LocationLicense Server:

Type in your license server information.

Citrix PVS License ServerUser Account:

If you use a domain service account type in the user name, domain and password.

Citrix PVS 7.8 Service AccountActive Directory Computer Account Password:

Leave the Defaults and click next.

Citrix PVS 7.8 Computer Password Change DaysNetwork Communications:

Specify the Streaming Network Cards and Management Network Card. Ports can stay default unless you previously used different ports.

Citrix PVS 7.8 Stream and Management NICTFTP Option and Bootstrap Location:

Leave the defaults selection and path.

Citrix PVS 7.8 TFTP SelectionStream Servers Boot List:

This information should automatically populate, but if it doesn’t just add in the IP Addresses.

Citrix PVS 7.8BootReview the configuration settings and click Finish.

Citrix PVS 7.8 Configuration Settings SummaryWhen the configuration is completed successfully, click Done.

Citrix PVS 7.8 Configuration FinishedIf you have more than one PVS server in the farm, you will need to run the PVS Configuration wizard on the remaining servers before the migration if completed.

PVS Target Device Test After SQL Database Migration.

After all the PVS servers have been reconfigured open Citrix PVS console.

Specify the PVS server name and connect to farm if your console is not set up to automatically login.

PVS Console Screen

Select a couple Target Devices from a Device Collection. Right click and choose Boot.

Click Boot Devices. Then Close.

Boot Target Devices

Verify PVS Target devices are booted up and there are no issues. When all your devices are booted up you can delete the database from your old SQL server.


I did notice before booting up my virtual machines there were a couple target devices showing powered on in the PVS Console, but the VM’s were actually powered off. Just verify the virtual machines are actually off and then right click on the device, click Mark Device Down.

Refresh the PVS Console and the green circle should be gone.

Mark Device Down Citrix PVS 7.8

Database and Target Device migration Information:

How to Migrate PVS Target Devices

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