Upgrading Citrix Director to 7.7

Upgrading Citrix Director to 7.7

Upgrading Citrix Director to

  1. Download the XenDesktop 7.7 ISO from Citrix.com. Open the ISO and navigate to x64\DesktopDirector folder and launch DesktopDirector.exe.
  2. Select the check box “I accept the terms in the License Agreement” and Click Install.

Director Install Part1

  1. Click Yes, if you get a UAC prompt while attempting to upgrade Citrix Director.


Director Install Part2_UAC


  1. Close any open processes and click OK to continue.

Director Process Open


  1. Wait for Citrix Director Installation to finish.

Validating Director Install

  1. Click Finish when completed successfully.


  1. Open up a web browser and login into Citrix Director.

Director Login

*You will not see all the new features such as (Proactive monitoring and alerting, SCOM integration) until you upgrade your XenDesktop Site to 7.7. The new version of Citrix Director works with previous versions of XenDesktop/XenApp.

Configuring Average Logon Duration Site and Delivery Group Alerts

Citrix Director SCOM Alerts

Connection Failure Alert Policies

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