Find AVD User and Log Off

This script can be used to log off a user from Azure Virtual Desktops or you can integrate this with a request form and use it for user self-service.

                #Gets all Resource Groups to check for Host Pools
                #Specify UPN for the user you want to log off.
                $UPN = Kyle.Wise@
                $resourceGroups = Get-AzResourceGroup

                foreach ($resourceGroup in $resourceGroups) {
                    $hostPools = Get-AzWvdHostPool -ResourceGroupName $resourceGroup.ResourceGroupName
                    Write-Output "Checking $($hostPools.Count) host pools in resource group 

                    # Loop through each host pool in the resource group for "Pooled Type"
                    foreach ($hostPool in $hostPools) {
                        # Check if the hostpool is Pooled
                        if($hostPool.HostPoolType -eq 'Pooled'){
                            Write-Output "Checking host pool $($hostPool.Name) in resource group 

                            # Get the user sessions for the host pool
                            $userSessions = Get-AzWvdUserSession -ResourceGroupName 
                            $resourceGroup.ResourceGroupName -HostPoolName $hostPool.Name | Select-Object 

                            # Search for the user principal name
                            $upnSession = $userSessions | Where-Object { $_.UserPrincipalName -eq $upn }

                            if ($upnSession) {
                                $SessHost = ($upnSession.Name -split "/")[-2]
                                $CurSessID = ($upnSession.Id -split "/")[-1]
                                Write-Output "Removing user session with ID $CurSessID and UPN $upn on 
                                session host $SessHost in host pool $($hostPool.Name) in resource group 
                                if($upnSession.SessionState -eq "Active" -or $upnSession.SessionState -eq 
                                Remove-AzWvdUserSession -ResourceGroupName $resourceGroup.ResourceGroupName 
                                -HostPoolName $hostPool.Name -SessionHostName $SessHost -Id $CurSessID
                                Write-Output "$_"
                            } else {
                                Write-Output "No user session found for UPN $upn in host pool 
                                $($hostPool.Name) in resource group $($resourceGroup.ResourceGroupName)"
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