Delete AVD Multi-Session Hosts Running Old Image

Here’s a script to delete all the AVD Multi-Session hosts running a pervious image version.

The script will do the following:

• Checks if the VM is deallocated or running. If deallocated, the script will delete the VM.
• If the VM is running, the script will check for active or disconnected sessions, and if any exists the script will skip these.
• If the VM is running but has no active or disconnected sessions, then it will stop/deallocate the VM and delete it.

Script uses AZ.AVD Module.

              Install-Module -Name Az.AVD -RequiredVersion -Force
              Import-Module Az.AVD
              Connect-Avd -ClientID $clientID -ClientSecret $ClientSecret -TenantID $Tenantid -SubscriptionId $SubscriptionId
              $HostPoolName = "<HostPoolName>"
              $ResourceGroupName = "<ResourceGroupName>"
              $SessionHosts = Get-AvdImageVersionStatus -HostpoolName $HostPoolName -ResourceGroupName $ResourceGroupName -NotLatest

              foreach ($sessionHost in $SessionHosts) {
                  Write-Output "Checking VM: $($sessionHost.sessionHostName)"

                  $hostname = $sessionHost.sessionHostName.Split("/")[-1]
                  $shortHostname = $hostname.Replace('.FQDN','')

                  $hostSessions = Get-AzWvdUserSession -ResourceGroupName $ResourceGroupName -HostPoolName $HostPoolName -SessionHostName $hostname

                  $activeOrDisconnectedSessions = $hostSessions | Where-Object {$_.SessionState -in @('Active', 'Disconnected')}

                  if ($activeOrDisconnectedSessions) {
                      Write-Output "Active or disconnected sessions found on VM: $hostname. Skipping..."

                  $powerState = (Get-AvdSessionHostPowerState -HostpoolName $HostPoolName -ResourceGroupName $ResourceGroupName -Name $hostname).powerstate

                  if ($powerState -eq 'Running') {
                      Write-Output "No active or disconnected sessions found on VM: $hostname. VM is running. Attempting to stop and deallocate VM: $shortHostname"

                      $stopOperation = Stop-AzVM -ResourceGroupName $ResourceGroupName -Name $shortHostname -Force
                      if ($stopOperation.Status -eq 'Succeeded') {
                          Write-Output "VM: $shortHostname has been stopped and deallocated successfully."
                      else {
                          Write-Output "Failed to stop and deallocate VM: $shortHostname. Reason: $($stopOperation.Error)"

                      # Check the power state again after the operation
                      $powerStateAfter = (Get-AvdSessionHostPowerState -HostpoolName $HostPoolName -ResourceGroupName $ResourceGroupName -Name $hostname).powerstate
                      if ($powerStateAfter -eq 'Deallocated') {
                          Write-Output "$hostname is deallocated"
                          Remove-AvdSessionHost -HostpoolName $HostPoolName -ResourceGroupName $ResourceGroupName -Name $hostname -DeleteAssociated
                      else {
                          Write-Output "$hostname is still running"
                  elseif ($powerState -eq 'Deallocated') {
                      Write-Output "$hostname is already deallocated"
                      Remove-AvdSessionHost -HostpoolName $HostPoolName -ResourceGroupName $ResourceGroupName -Name $hostname -DeleteAssociated
                  else {
                      Write-Output "Unrecognized power state for VM: $hostname"
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