Check Your Defender For Storage Plans When Using Azure Storage and FSLogix Profiles

If you are using Microsoft Defender for Cloud and also have profiles stored on Azure Files you should verify you have the best plan selected. The Microsoft link below contains a log analytics workbook that will show you how much you would potentially save by switching.

Legacy Pricing vs Plan 2 Pricing

The legacy pricing plan (per-transaction) is priced at $0.02 per 10K transactions, which can becomes very expensive when you are storing FSLogix Profiles and have a lot of users in your AVD environment.

There is a new pricing plan (per-storage-account) that is priced at $10 per storage account which includes 73M transactions. Storage Accounts exceeding 73M transactions will be charged $0.1492 per 1M transactions.

You can check if there are any new plans available by opening Azure Portal then going to Microsoft Defender for Cloud > Environmental Settings.

Additional information and workbook is on Microsoft’s Blog.

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