StoreFront web.config File Settings to Change When Load Balancing

StoreFront web.config File Settings to Change When Load Balancing

When you are utilizing a Netscaler load balancer for your XenApp XML Brokers or XenDesktop Delivery Controllers I recommend changing these settings in your web.config file.

Open the web config file with NotePad from C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Citrix\StoreName\web.config.

Change LoadBalance=”on” to LoadBalance=”off”.

Default is ON.

Next change you will want to make is to change bypassDuration=”60″ to bypassDuration=”0″. If the Netscaler LB is monitoring the XML/DDC brokers then the Netscaler will direct connections to the XML/DDC servers that are available.┬áThere’s no reason to bypass the single VIP for 60 minutes unless you want your users to have issues logging in.

Configure server bypass behavior:

<farmset name=”Default” enableFileTypeAssociation=”off” pooledSockets=”off” serverCommunicationAttempts=”2″ communicationTimeout=”20″ connectionTimeout=”6″ multiFarmAuthenticationMode=”ANY”>
<farm name=”XD76″ xmlPort=”80″ transport=”HTTP” sslRelayPort=”443″ bypassDuration=”60″ loadBalance=”off” ticketTimeToLive=”200″ radeTicketTimeToLive=”200″ farmType=”XenDesktop”>
<clear />
<add server=”Delivery Controller Host Name or IP” />

To improve performance when some of the servers providing resources become unavailable, StoreFront temporarily bypasses servers that fail to respond. While a server is being bypassed, StoreFront ignores that server and does not use it to access resources. Use these parameters to specify the duration of the bypass behavior:

  • bypassDuration specifies the time in minutes that StoreFront bypasses an individual server after a failed attempt to contact that server. The default is 60 minutes.
  • allFailedBypassDuration specifies a reduced duration in minutes that StoreFront uses instead of bypassDuration if all servers for a particular Delivery Controller are being bypassed. The default is 0 minutes.

Considerations when specifying allFailedBypassDuration

Setting a larger allFailedBypassDuration reduces the impact of unavailability of a particular Delivery Controller; however, it has the negative effect that resources from this Delivery Controller are unavailable to users for the specified duration after a temporary network outage or server unavailability. Consider the use of larger allFailedBypassDuration values when many Delivery Controllers have been configured for a Store, particularly for nonbusiness-critical Delivery Controllers.

Setting a smaller allFailedBypassDuration increases the availability of resources served by that Delivery Controller but increases the possibility of client-side timeouts if many Delivery Controllers are configured for a store and several of them become unavailable. It is worth keeping the default 0-minute value when not many farms are configured and for business-critical Delivery Controllers.

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