Sage PeachTree Breaks XenDesktop VDA Registration

One of our clients had an old version of Sage PeachTree that they wanted installed in their XenDesktop image.

After installing the application and restarting the XenDesktop virtual machine I notice the virtual machine showed unregistered in the Delivery Group.

Logging in to the VM and checking the event logs didn’t give much details to why registration failed.

The fix was to run command prompt as administrator and execute lodctr /r then restart the virtual machine.

As soon as it started back up and registered with the Delivery Controller successfully, however every time we rebooted again the virtual machine became unregistered again.

This left us with a couple options-

  1. Uninstall Peachtree and let the customer know that it breaks the XenDesktop VDA.
  2. Ask them to upgrade the software to the latest version.
  3. Open a support request with Sage for an application that is out of support.
  4. Configure a GPO with a startup script to run lodctr /r.

We went with option 4 as this was the quickest and easiest way to allow the customer to use their application and maintain registered VMs.


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