Installing Print Drivers on your XenApp Servers

Installing Print Drivers on your XenApp Servers

Installing specific print drivers on your XenApp servers might be required when printer redirection fails or you aren’t able to configure specific printer settings or functions.¬† Here’s how to install print drivers on your Citrix XenApp servers without running the print driver full installation package.

Step one is to install the Print and Document Services Tool.

Open Server Manager on the XenApp Server. Select the Features Node and Click Add Features.

Server Manager Features Start

Select Print and Document Services Tool and click Next.

Add Features Wizard Print and Document Services Tool

Confirm Installation Selection and Click Install.

Confirm Installation Selections Print Management

Go to the Start Menu > Administration Tools  and click on Print Management.

Administration Tools Print Management

Expand the Print Servers node and right click Drivers. Click on Add Driver.

Print Management Add Driver

Click Next to continue.

Add Print Driver Wizard 1

Select x64 Type 3 – User Mode and click Next.

Add Print Driver Wizard 2

Click on Have Disk.

Add Print Driver Wizard 3

Click Browse to locate the inf file.

Print Driver Wizard Add From Disk 1

Locate the inf file for the print driver that you want added to your Citrix XenApp Server. Select the inf file and click Open.

Print Driver Wizard Locate File

Click OK to continue.

Print Driver Wizard Install from Disk 2

Select the Printer and click Next.

Print Driver Wizard Select Print Driver Next

Click Finish to complete the process.

Print Driver Wizard Completed

Final step is to launch a Citrix XenApp published desktop or application and verify the printer redirection works correctly and you are able to configure printer settings.



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