StoreFront 3.5 Installation

StoreFront 3.5 Installation

Installing Citrix StoreFront 3.5

Before you start installing StoreFront 3.5, I recommend that you request a certificate for your StoreFront Site and the Windows 2012R2 OS is patched and up to date. It’s pretty simple process to request a certificate and bind it to the IIS site. Setting up your StoreFront site securely and correctly the first time will help reduce problems in the future.

I’ve seen several StoreFront implementations with sites configured without SSL and there are usually some problems that pop up because of it.

Citrix recommends using HTTPS in production environments and Receiver 3.1 and later, only secure (HTTPS) stores are allowed by default. If you want to use HTTP you need to apply registry key changes to the clients. Its easier to just apply a certificate to a couple servers than relying on group policy preferences or a script to apply registry key changes to everyone’s workstation.

StoreFront 3.5 New features include:

Updated StoreFront management console

New administration PowerShell SDK

Configuration export and import

Zone-based optimal gateway routing

Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) powered zone preference

Background Server Health Check

TLS 1.2 support

Open a Internet Browser and go to

Download StoreFront 3.5

StoreFront 3.5Right Click on CitrixStoreFront-X64.exe click Run As Administrator.

Launch Downloaded SF

Select the check box ‘I accept the terms of this license agreement’ and click Next.

StoreFront License Agreement

Verify the information is correct and click Install to start the process.

Ready TO Install StoreFront 3.5

After the installation has completed successfully. Click Finish and wait for the Citrix StoreFront Console to open.

StoreFront 3.5 Successfull

Click on Create a new Deployment to start the configuration.

StoreFront 3.5 Welcome Create

How to Configure a StoreFront 3.5 Server.


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