Citrix PVS Replication Status Server is not reachable.

Citrix PVS Replication Status Server is not reachable.

Viewing the replication status of your vdisks I noticed an issue where there was an exclamation mark next to the server name stating the server was not reachable.

First we tried restarting the services, rebooting the pvs servers and add host entries for each pvs server. These recommendations did not work. The private hotfix we used to fix this issue was LA5762.

The issue was with the handshake between servers is failing when sending the inventory list, and then the console will show a server not reachable error.

Both of these Replication Status issues are corrected in Provisioning Services 7.6

The Citrix Provisioning Services console shows incorrect vDisk replication status until the Stream Service is restarted.


The replication status shows that the vDisk is not available on some Provisioning Service until you restart the stream service on the remote servers.


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