Upgrade Citrix License Server to 11.13.1

Upgrade Citrix License Server to 11.13.1

Upgrade Instructions for Citrix License Server 11.13.1 to support XenDesktop 7.7

Citrix recommends that you upgrade the license server to the latest version when you upgrade or install new Citrix products. New license servers are backward compatible and will work with older products and license files. New products often require the newest license server to check out licenses correctly. Uninstalling any version of license server below 11.3 before Installing 11.13.1 is also recommended.

  1. From your License Server, open the media for your product. If you do not see Setup, use Windows Explorer to open Autorun.exe or AutoSelect.exe


  1. Click on Delivery Controller since the Citrix License Server option under Extend Deployment is greyed out.

License Server Upgrade Part 1


  1. Select the radio button “I have read, understand, and accept the terms of the license agreement.” Click Next.

Software_Agreement_Citrix XenDesktop 7.7

  1. Uncheck the following Citrix Components (Delivery Controller, Studio, Director, StoreFront) and click Next.

Uncheck All Components Except Citrix Licenses

  1. Select Automatically for configuring firewall rules and click Next to continue.

Firewall Ports Citrix License Server

  1. Verify the information is correct on the Summary page and click Install.


  1. Wait for the installation to complete successfully.
  2. Confirm Licenses are reporting correctly in XenDesktop Studio.

Citrix eDocs Licensing 11.13

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